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For four decades, pur quality Commitment has been the key to our success and our group┬┤s raison d┬┤etre. The quality of our products as well as our human and technical resources distinguishes us from our competitors.


Human Resources


     Recursos Humanos        

Along the 50 year┬┤s activity, the key to our distinguished services and quality has been our felxible attitude and our speediness.

Our staff is also one of the keys to our success.

We have a staff of 200 profesionals, all of the highly qualified and specialized.

One of our main objectives is the creation of a friendly working environment and also to be surrounded by great professionals by means of exhaustive selection processes and continuous training.

We believe our staff to bhe the mainstay in the improvement of our quality.




Technical Resources


In our facilities, 9.000 m2, we count on a wide and permanent stock of products from the main international electrical supply brands. For the manufacturing and repair of equipment, Grupo Ensa has a wide range of materials at it┬┤s disposal to guarantee a perfect performance of any kind of work.

Below we name some of our equipment.


- Machinery: Overhead travelling crane, plate bending hidraulic equipment, Double drying furnace, Combustion furnace.

- Testbeds: Equalizer IN SITU  Equializer, Bearing condition and vibration Analizer, Motor Testbeds, Testbeds for boards, boxes and electric desks.

-Equipments for measuring and testing: Insulation Strength Equipment, non-destructive test, EDA Equipment, Insulation Testers.

Besides all this, GEOSA counts on a road fleet to ease our clients┬┤job.


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