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Rotating Machines


-Reparation of Low and Medium Voltage Motors and Generators in both, alternating and dierct current up to 50 MW.

-Dynamic and static Balancing in big masses.

-Maximum Dialectric Rigidity Test up to 75 KV.

-Productive Cotnrol EDA Tests in MV-HV motors.

-Test in squirrel cage motors.

-Defect Tests in direct current motor collectors.


Motor Rewinding and Electromechanical Repair.


-Repairing and winding of electrical motors and generator either alternating or continuous current of all types for HV/LV.

-Repairing of horizontal and submergible pumps.

-Repairing of electrical generator groups.

-Repairing and maintenance of transformers.

-Dynamic balancing with electronic equipment.

-On site repairing of large electric machines either DC or AC.

-On site predictive test for motors / generators throught EDA and BAKER systems.

-Welding TIG.

-Mechanical repairs of motors.

-Technical service for ships in traffic by Huelva and Seville harbors.



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